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custom orthotics

before orthotics flat feet.jpg

Before orthotics

after orthotics flat feet.jpg

After orthotics

Orthotics are devices that are inserted into your shoes designed to relieve or prevent pain associated from the foot and ankle. Orthotics are made to support deformities, delay and possible prevent surgery. They are individually customized to each patient. There is over the counter inserts that are significantly less expensive and may suite some patient needs.

We measure our orthotics using state of the art 3D technology we strive to give you the PERFECT fit to get you to go the extra mile.


Who should use orthotics?

Prescription Custom-made orthotics can offer relief for many different foot conditions. Among these include (but are many more):

  • Heel pain

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Arch pain

  • High or low arched feet

  • Diabetes-related pain

  • Morton’s neuroma

  • Pain due to injury or bunion

  • In-toe, Out-toe

  • Pain caused by running, walking, or any other sports

There are several categories of orthotics, here are some of the more common types:

High Endurance Athletes

In order to prevent foot and ankle injuries, we recommend a pair of athletic insoles for your sneakers. Orthotics for high endurance athletes tend to be more rigid and stiff to prevent deformation under large amount of stress. We make different orthotics designed for basketball, running, walking, golf, etc.

These custom athletic orthotics will take stress away from your feet, ankles, and even knees by absorbing the shock of impact during your athletic activity.


Accommodative Orthotics

These orthotics are designed for the average working day for 8+ hours. They tend to be made with a softer shell but still strong enough to support your arch under pressure. Accommodative orthotics are typically made with memory foam. For individuals that sweat a lot, an open cell foam is preferred for better moisture wicking and flow of air to help evaporate extra moisture. Everyone has experienced some sort of aching from standing on our feet all day.

Diabetic Orthotics

Proper shoes and diabetic orthotics are essential to diabetic foot care. Diabetic orthotics are designed with plastizote top covers, which is a memory foam that will disperse high pressure points or “hot spots”. Because of your changing chemistry and foot type, we highly recommend specific shoe gear and diabetic orthotics in order to accommodate your functional lifestyle.



Over the counter orthotics are very economical but may not serve everyone needs. Custom orthotics may range in the hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, most insurance plans do cover them with little to no out of pocket cost (varies by insurance). For example, Medicare B does NOT cover orthotics.

Feel free to give us a call for your options or coverage.

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