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stem cell injections

Stem cell therapy or Bone marrow aspirate works similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It can be used to treat tendonitis, sprained ankles, inflamed ligaments, joint diseases and several other diseases.


Stems cells are considered to be the body’s raw material and are cells that can differentiate to any type of cells. Stem cells can be replicated and differentiated to any specialized cell to serve a more specific function. Stem cells can become muscle cells, nerve cells, tendons or muscle. Certain structures have a difficult time healing due to poor circulation or extent of the injury and Stem cell injection can help aid the recovery of these structures.


Stem Cells are collected from yourself in the operating room, processed, and re-injected to the area of injury. Stem Cell Injection helps the body have a natural speedy recovery preventing the patient from having a more invasive surgery.


Treatment may be one injection or you may require a series of injections depending on the extent of the injury; However, in general, stem cell therapy is a single injection treatment. Not all patients are candidates for stem cell injection, so they would consider PRP instead.

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